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No-Dig Medellin

Colombia has a privileged geographical location in the northwestern corner of South America, with three impressive mountain ranges plunging from snow-capped heights down to the sea, and two oceans bathing its shores, the Atlantic and the Pacific. Colombia is considered a diverse country given its culture, geography and rich history, and thanks to their modern and entrepreneurial spirit, Colombian cities have become the permanent seat of countless national and international events.

Choosing Medellin as the best city will undoubtedly contribute to a successful Trenchless World Congress 2017.


A bustling city of industry and commerce

Medellin packs a punch of a city twice its size! Located in the Aburra Valley, a central region of the Andes Mountains in South America, the city has an estimated population of 3.5 million people. The surrounding area includes nine other cities and more than 249 neighbourhoods, this metropolitan backdrop in Medellin is the second-largest urban agglomeration in Colombia, in terms of population and economy.

No-Dig Medellin

Medellin created the first Colombian business cluster, supported by the Chamber of Commerce and the City Administration. This accolade successfully established Medellin as the top exporting region of the country, with over 1,750 export businesses based in the city, including successful business trades in electricity generation, construction, textile, fashion design, and tourism.

The Medellin Metro, an impressive, large urban transport service, and its integrated system is used by more than 800,000 residents daily, and has become the pride of the city. This great advancement in public transportation has reduced CO2 emissions by 175,000 tons a year since its invention and is indicative of the Cities innovation in urban solutions and sustainable urban development.

A striking hillside metropolis

The moderate year round climate in Medellin makes for a perfect outdoor lifestyle. One of Medellin’s nicest green spaces, The Botanical Garden covers 14 hectares and showcases 600 species of trees and plants, Arví Park is a big chunk of mountain wilderness in Santa Elena, a neighbouring community next to Medellin that makes a great escape from the city, accessible by the fantastic Metro Cable Arví. At the top of a 80m-tall hill, 2km southwest of the city centre, at Cerro Nutibara, sits the kitschy Pueblito Paisa, a miniature version of a typical Antioquian township. Views across the city from the adjacent platform are stunning.

No-Dig Medellin


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