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No-Dig Medellin Short Courses

Thinking ahead - Educating Engineers of the future

The CISTT will be running courses throughout the conference, on specific and highly technical topics. The papers and presenters are of the highest quality with timely and useful information you can put to use straight away, making for an excellent technical program running alongside our conference programme.

Trenchless Technology Short Course - Horizontal Directional Drilling Good Practices Course

The objective is to provide contractors, engineers, and owners with a set of guidelines that will assist and allow personnel to have successful HDD installations by training operators and supervisory personnel.

This course provides an in-depth overview of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and covers six topics

  • Operation and application
  • Equipment and materials
  • Planning, including surface and geological investigations, utility surveys, bore planning, and regulations and permitting
  • Jobsite safety
  • Risk reduction, trouble shooting, mitigation and design

Attendees will learn how to replace and repair and install pipelines with minimal excavation while reducing the impact to your surroundings. You will find that trenchless technology is not only the least disruptive option, but oftentimes is the most cost-effective. The technical sessions and exhibitions are designed to provide you with information you need to make the best possible decisions.

Trenchless Technology Short Course – Rehabilitation

This introductory short course is ideally suited for both newcomers to the industry and for anyone who is interested in seeking a refresher course on trenchless technology methods. The rehabilitation session provides an overview of the methods available to public works and sewer agencies to rehabilitate water and sewer systems without the need for excavation.

Trenchless Technology Short Course – New Installation

This introductory short course is ideally suited for both newcomers to the industry and for anyone who is interested in seeking a refresher course on trenchless technology methods. This session covers new construction techniques – micro tunnelling, HDD, pipe jacking, auger boring and pipe ramming.

Asset Management Training

Asset Management is training in the management of underground asset infrastructure. The CTAM program was developed by BAMI-I (Buried Asset Management Institute International) in conjunction with the Trenchless Technology Centre at Louisiana Tech and Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (in partnership with UIM Water Utility Infrastructure Management). It is hosted by the Trenchless Technology Centre at Louisiana Tech.

Benefits of the CTAM Series

  • Expand your knowledge.
  • Access to resources to enable you to initiate, continue or improve your own asset management program
  • Awarded an Internationally recognised certification in the field of asset management>

Nassco PACP Pipeline Assessment and Certification Course

This course will provide:

1) A training and certification program

2) A written copy of the PACP Manual as filed with the U.S. Register of Copyrights, including all other related documents

3) The actual certifications issued by NASSCO to the master trainers and end users

4) All related training materials, such as the Power Point Presentation, photographs, technical literature, and other teaching aids furnished by NASSCO to the master trainers and user trainers.







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